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GEMS Launches Online Application Services for Exhibitors

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GEMS launches new website with added services.

GEMS provides excellence for FUSION 2011 event


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Jan 2011
Staff from GEMS serves homeless 'A Place for Grace'
GEMS crew serve the homeless and people in need December 22nd . This event takes place each month with the support of our business partners ( customers, suppliers, etc.) it has been a huge success.


Team building event a big hit
GEMS Team Building Event led by Ken Gilbert.

Nov 15, 2010
GEMS Founders fundraise for 'Walk a mile in her shoes'
Ken Gilbert, Cathy Gilbert and daughter Rose Testerman supported the "Walk a mile in her shoes" fundraiser Saturday to raise awareness for the homeless women and children of Kissimmee Florida. GEMS is becoming instrumental in starting a Soup Kitchen/Thrift store in the St. Cloud area.


Cathy Gilbert Directs Harmony First - 'Horns on 3.1' 5K race.
Cathy Gilbert of GEMS and Debbie Hastings co-directed the Harmony First “Horns on 3.1” 5k run/walk this past Saturday. All proceeds support the Football Program and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. As a top sponsor, everyone at GEMS would like to give a huge Thank You to all the volunteers and runners who made this first time event exceed all expectations. More photos will be available at the race website


GEMS donates equipment and sponsorship to West Melbourne Little League Baseball Team.
In addition to sponsorship of the West Melbourne Little League Baseball, GEMS donated equipment to the boys scouts for there annual summer camps.