GEMS is proud to deliver complete assurance of products and services to your show/event.



For specific application questions, please contact us directly.


How secure is the GEMS TS Website?

The GEMS public website is available at

The secure ordering and show management website is located behind an HTTPS / SSL website. This ensures that you are ordering and uploading to a trusted website.


When does GEMS charge my credit card?

As soon as you confirm your order, funds from your credit card will be captured immediately. When completing your order and making the final payment, make sure to click on the confirmation button just once.


Does GEMS TS take check online or can you bill me?

The GEMS TS app requires all orders to be paid via credit card. Currently, no check or bill me option is available.

What OS/Browser does the GEMS TS application site require?

The site is best viewed with a resolution of 1024x768 and supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.1+, Firefox 3.0+, Chrome8+, Opera 11.0+ and Safari 5.0+ and most mobile devices. The software will autodetect and install the mobile application on the iOS and Android devices. It is required that you have an Internet connection and the latest OS software or wireless service plan.


How do I create and account using GEMS TS?

Please contact your show management or contact GEMS for login information. Once your account is authenticated, you'll be able to use that account for all your shows that use GEMS for services.


What do I need to sign up?

You are required to have an email address and password. In addition, your show management will provide you with a show code to access your products and services online. From there, you can order, save and edit your ordered items.


We have multiple employees ordering items. Can we view our invoices later?

Yes. You can have multiple users for the same company ordering items for your event. You have the advantage of reviewing or editing show items at a later point in time.


How do I get access to the show kit?

In addition to being able to order online, you can download and print your show kit. This includes all shipping labels and materials information.


If I place my order online may I go back and change/add to it?

Yes. Through GEMS TS, you have up to 6 hours from your order time to change it. After that time, if you need to add items to your show, create a new order. You can always call for assistance with your order.